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A rhinestone is an imitation diamond made of glass, plastic, or some kind of crystal. Hotfix rhinestones are rhinestones that have been cut with flat backs and have heat-activated adhesive applied to them, which allows them to be pressed onto clothing.

What is a motif ?
A motif is a group of rhinestones or other jewels that have been arranged in some kind of design (monograms, pictures, line artwork, etc.) so that it can be applied to clothing.

What other jewels can be used in motifs? See About Us Page
There are several options for the motifs we create at, including: swarovski crystal, nailheads, faceted metallics, and rhinestones.

What is Swarovski crystal ?
Swarovski Crystal is a synthetic crystal that is much more brilliant than rhinestone and is exceptional because of its cut, clarity, and polish. It is therefore more expensive than rhinestone, but worth the difference when high quality motifs are desired.

What are faceted metallics ?
Also known as rhinestuds, faceted metallics are metallic jewels that have been facetted to give the appearance of a crystal or diamond, but without the depth and reflective qualities of an actual jewel.

What are nailheads ?
Nailheads are smooth, flat, metallic jewels that are also pressed onto clothing like rhinestones, but they resemble the top of a nail that wasn't driven into the material. Creates a more masculine look than traditional rhinestones or crystals.

How are the motifs applied to clothing?
The motifs are applied using a heat-press, which is similar in principle to an iron, but larger and has the ability to maintain even pressure and heat across the entire surface of the motif. An iron can be used to apply the motifs, but we do not recommend using one because it reduces the chance of properly applying each stone in the motif, and may result in an unsuccessful transfer. If you own a heat press, we can give you the specifications for applying the motifs, or we can do them for you at a charge of $2.00/piece.

We sell the motifs individually, or applied to your choice of garment. We can order multiple items for you and have the motifs pressed and ship or hand you your order with the motifs already pressed.

How long will the design stay on the garment?
When applied correctly, the motif should outlast the life of the garment itself. Wash the garment inside out and dry on medium heat to protect the motif and other clothing in the same wash.


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